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      Some have asked me are you challenging the authority of the Catholic Church in your teachings? Absolutely NOT but I am challenging the administrators of the church in their liberal beliefs and teachings. But as one who has personally talked with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, which the priest and bishops have not, I can tell you that Christ is not happy with the liberal beliefs of 60 percent of His priesthood is teaching you. 
     One main teaching that my master the Holy Spirit finds offensive is in the profession of faith recited at every mass. The statement "The Holy Spirit giver of life" is not true for it was God the Father that gave you life with the breathe of life. It should be changed to the Holy Spirit giver of renewed life, for life can be renewed many times. but only given once as in baptism. The Holy Spirit does not want to take from the Father the greatest gift, the Father could give His Children. We must be very careful in interpreting God's words, for God would never make some of the stupid statements that most of us make.
     I asked the Holy Spirit one day about 8 years ago "How did I ever live without You" and did not get an answer right away. But about 15 minutes later I was looking up at the clear blue sky and with nothing on my mind and then came His answer " Without Me you did not live you only existed, but with Me you now live and your life has purpose"
                                                 Apostle James

      So many of you ask will I remember my family if I get to heaven and they are there? Absolutely NOT for as Jesus has stated very clearly " Material things of this world will not inherit the kingdom of heaven". Your heart and mind are the two parts of the human body that retain memory and neither one of the two can enter heaven. So if they can not enter the next world heaven, how can you have any memory of this world?.  The only part of the human body that inherit the kingdom of heaven is your soul which is spiritual. When the body dies your soul leaves your body and goes before Jesus for judgement. 
     When some one calls you an Angel or calls your child an angel you make it very clear to them " I am not an Angel nor is my child and we do not desire to be one of them.  I,  as my child hope to be a saint in heaven.  You see angels were created by God our Father as his messengers and servants, and had no free will to chose whether to be with Him or not. We as His children have that choice. Which would you rather be a servant of God or His child? Yes God does love the Angel's as He loves us, but in a different way.  Would any master love his servants as much as he loves his child ? This is the awesome power of free will, which only the children of God have.

      There is so much more that the priesthood of His church, could teach us instead of telling thier lously jokes. The next time you hear a priest tell a joke at mass tell him that Christ teachings are not a joking matter.
                                                                       Aposle James

      As I have taught you that in this world, there must be a positive and where the is a positive, there must be a negative. Unlike heaven there is only an eternal positive, the love and adoration of God, and in hell there is only an eternal negative hate and devotion to Satan.   This is where the priest and bishop's of Christ own Church do not teach the complete teachings. They teach us that God is love which He is, but they do not teach us of His Justice which is punishment. 
     They teach us that God as commanded us to love one another, but this is only half of what they should teach you. But even Jesus in His Commandments taught through Saint Paul commands us not to keep company with each other. How can we love each other if we are not to keep company with each other. 
     The way this should be taught is " We are to love one another as God's creation, His Children, and not to hate or do any harm to each other, but we are to hate the sins that others commit. So how can you love one who sins against God. If you knows some one who may be your friend and is sinning against God you should tell them -- the acts you are committing are sins against God and as long as you continue to commit these act I can not be your friend or associate with you. When you associate with a sinner they will teach you to sin like they do, and if you do not do as they do you can not be their friend for they will soon snub you. I would rather have God as a friend than all who live on earth. 
     Yes I used to have wicked friends and started to do as they did so I can speak from experience.  But 15 years ago when the Holy Spirit came in to my life who I did not know and through my revelation in reunification through Him to God's Glory I do not associate with them any more. Once you have really tasted God's Love nothing else matters any more.
                                                                Apostle James
     You will be either one of two after death, a saint, a child of God, or a demon, a possession of Satan. What you do in this life will determine which you will be in the next life, a saint or a demon.
     I get so sick and tired of all who die say that they will go into heaven after death, when 80 percent of you will never see heaven. Even all of the 2700+ that were killed in the event of 911,  I say to you that not more than 100 could possibly achieve such a feat. Even though many of you say the people killed then, that their lives were taken early by some evil doers, and I say to you, did Christ not say" Be ready for you know not when I come" it was the person obligation to be in God's grace at that time. So do not express your lame excuses and expect Jesus to accept them, for He will not. For He will spew you out of His Mouth just like He said He would. Jesus does not lie or will He mislead you.
     Some of you say why did Jesus not stop the terrorist from committing such a terrible evil act? and I say to you it was the terrorist free will to commit it and I also say,  God said He would not go over man's free will. It could have been your free will to commit such evil. You must remember one thing it is your obligation to be in the grace of God at all times.

    It is astounding how so many of you say you do not believe in Christ true Church, the Catholic Church, when I hear you all say lets pray for the one's of 911. Just where do you think your prayer are going if they are not going to the ones in Purgatory for the repentance of sins. They are going to heaven, for there they do not need your prayers, and they are not going to the ones in hell, for there they will not do them any good. Hypercritical isn't it. 
                                                Apostle James

     I was one of Satan's captains in his army to gather soul's for the end of times, and I do know the power he possesses, and believe me you do not have a fighting chance to resist him with out God's help.  Even myself, I, could not resist him without the help of my master the Holy Spirit of God. Take this warning seriously for you would not be more than a piece of putty in his hands. This is why God left me to help the ones who want help, and to let go of the ones who chose to go their own way.
     The reason that I am warning you more seriously is, if you have had your eye's open you could see the destruction that has befallen the world in the last two years and will intensive more rapidly. If not than you better open them quickly for time is shorter than you think! The one in a million that is being saved today is a grave disappointment to God. Once you are lost, YOU ARE LOST, and can not receive a second chance for salvation. Death is final. Primary and Final judgement are the two types of judgement you will receive before and after death. Primary is the one before the end times, and final judgement is after the end times an both are permanent at the times the are made. 
    As I have told you time and time again the book that I wrote will show you the way to salvation. 
                            James The Apostle of the Holy Spirit of God 
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                      THIS PAGE IS TO LET YOU KNOW WHO I AM

          I am James, Apostle to my Divine Master the Holy Spirit of God and servant to the Holy Trinity through Him. I have been instructed  VOCALLY by God Our Father, and commissioned by Him to tell and teach all of His children of the meaning of the Holy Trinity. I am not  to force, trick or deceive any of you in any way for as He said," it would be better that I never been born". I have been told to teach the holy scripture of Our Lord Jesus through the grace of the Holy Spirit, and to warn you of the consequences of your violation of them.
          I am to ask for impossible healing for you my brothers and sisters, but my main purpose is to teach you how to ask the Holy Spirit for yourselves, and through Him for intercessions to Jesus for your brothers and sisters.

         I have heard that some of the Fathers procreation, have heard the Vocal voice of God the Father, and that some have heard the Vocal voice of Jesus, but I have never heard or read  even in past scripture of anyone, who has heard the Vocal voice of all Three, The Father, Son and Holy Spirit which I have heard, and to also see the Eye of the Father and the Face of Jesus. I have also offered to be tested by mankind, through all of their truth devices which should prove to them, that I am telling to all of you ,the truth in Gods Name.
         As Jesus Our Lord has said; Blessed are they, that have not seen but believe". To believe is to hope and trust in someone or something, that you accept as real; But I say  to all that, Knowing  is beyond belief, for it become a FACT, that is real and does exist, for you have heard, seen, or felt it  for yourselves as I have.
        The word Apostle means " One who carries out the mission of his master" and that is my purpose here in this world, as The Apostle of the Holy Spirit is to teach all to come to KNOW Him, and not just about Him, or just to believe in Him.
        I was left here by the Father, and the Son, and sanctified vocally by the Holy Spirit to teach you, and not to be taught by you. I am to interrupt the Holy Scriptures for you, through the authority of the Holy Spirit who is the Offical Guardian and infallible interrupter of them. I am to tell you that " Gods Words are not our words, and that our words are not Gods Words".You cannot enter the kingdom of heaven by the ways and words of man, only through the ways and words of God.
         I James, am to clarify your misunderstanding and your abuse of the Holy Scriptures, through my Master, the Holy Spirit, who is the only One who can  interrupt them correctly. Just as the Apostles of Jesus in His Divinity, who first proclaimed the Holy Scriptures, Our Lords Commandments, sealed by His authority, are to be obeyed by all of the Fathers children, and not just a selected few, BUT ALL.
         I James, by the sanctified authority of the Holy Spirit, will explain in simple clarity the meaning of the Holy Scriptures.
          Example ( Judge not and you shall not be judged) This as well as so many others scriptures, that has been misinterpreted,  by mankind are destroying the true meaning of God words. 
         This is how Our Lord will judge the judges: As I have always taught you, that you are not to judge the living, but you can judge their act of evil after death. The living always has the time to repent for their sins before death, but there is NO forgiveness after death because you do not have the free Will to ask. Our free will leaves us at the moment of death. We will all make our own judgement of where we want to go after death by the ways we live our lives here on earth before death. Jesus will simply send us where we have chosen to go.
          But you can judge your brothers and sisters acts of evil by warning them, if you continue these act against God, and they are your soul after death, they will go to hell. Warning is not the same as judging. Sin is a personnel act, and we are responsible for the sins of other when we cooperate in them by ordering or approving of them, voluntarily or directly, by not hindering them when we have the obligation to do so. By protecting the evil doers, we cooperate in their personnel sin which then becomes social sin and we are the accompliance's of them.

         I James, have been taught by the Holy Spirit for the past ten years of the lesson and words to teach you, the Fathers children. Obey the words that I teach you, and I will be with you for as long as you truly want to learn how,  to come to know the Holy Spirit, in unity with Jesus to the glory of the Father. Reject what I teach you, in Their Name, and you will be abandoned by me and God, for I will not condone disobedience of the Commandments of God. For when you disobey Gods Law you turn your backs on Him in sin, and He will leave you until you reconcile yourselves back to Him. Jesus will not help you in your sinful ways.

                               May the Holy Spirit of God Bless all who read and obey
                                                                James His Apostle

  I say to all of you that time is shorter than you think. If you knew how short, you would not want to close your eye's at night. As Our Lord Jesus said  " Now is the time of preparations for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.

   You can e-mail me at apostlehsog@cox.net or I will speak to you by means of the telephone. I have free long distance 24 hours a day 7 days a week to help answer all of your questions. My phone # is 702 889 2072.  I prefer to teach vocally because God speaks through me to you.
    I will be releasing Their Book (entitled) the gospel of James as a way for you to understand what They are asking you to do in the few days we have left. I have a page on the last of this website if you would desire any chapter of Their Book I will e-mail it to you.

     This website will be updated every Sunday

E-mail me with your questions click on   Apostlehsog@cox.net

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