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This is getting later in the day so I again remind you of the things you must know. Again I will remind you of the way to get into the kingdom of heaven. I know that a lot of you think that you are going to heaven automatically but, I ask you not to believe in such fairytales because as Jesus has told as himself before going to the Father through his Apostles that the road to hell is wide and many will enter, but the road to heaven is narrow and few will find it.
   As I have told you, I, who have spoken to God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, vocally and have been answered back by Them vocally and know what they desire and have warned you frequently that they will be just and merciful. But the one thing that most of you do not understand is there justice, I can only warn you what will happen to you and I cannot send you to hell, but do not get it wrong for what I say to you, Jesus can and Jesus has sent billions to hell.
  I will be blogging every Tuesday because the time is getting short, and I know that many of you will not change your ways, and this not matter to me at all, for I am only here to tell you what God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit have asked me to do, and it is up to you if you listen or don't, but I can tell you that heaven will be just as good with you or without you.
Apostle James
                        CONTINUE FROM 01/15/13      
  First I will explain to you when I say that time is getting short, it's not that I'm saying that I know the day or the hour, but I can tell the signs of the time and what God has spoken to me I relate to you. When Jesus first made the statement that kingdom of heaven is at hand, over two thousand years ago is what he meant, is that each one of us could die at any moment, time is imminent. You do not have to be old, sick, are decrepit to die, walk with me through the graveyards and I can show you a lot of the younger ones that were unexpected to die and have died. May I remind you that even Jesus said he did not know the day or the hour only the Father does.
  Now, what I teach you is to forget about the past because you cannot be saved through  the past only the present. The ones who've already died and were not members of Christ's true Church the Universal Christian Church are already where they intended to be and will be there for eternity. The ones of all the billions who have already died and are in hell can not be saved. The Bible is composed of two parts the Old and New Testaments. The Old Testament explained the New Testament and you can only be saved through the New Testament not the Old. The reason I tell you this is Jesus Christ is salvation and salvation can only come through Him not the Holy Spirit, not God the Father, but in their unity.
    Now, the first thing that you must understand is, that the Holy Spirit is the key to Christ who is salvation. There is a way of prayer and that is through the Holy Spirit to Jesus unto the Father, and the answer to it is returned in the same way from the Father to the Son, to the Holy Spirit, to us, or the ones we have asked for. As it explains in Romans chapter 8 verse 26 " we do not know how to pray as we ought to, but it is the Holy Spirit who intercedes for us to Christ with His audible groaning". Nothing happens without the Holy Spirit and He, is all that you need in this life for he was sent by the Father,and the Son to teach us, guide us, and to sanctify us, and to heal us. The Holy Spirit has the same power as God the Father, God the Son do, for he is God the Holy Spirit, and without His sanctifying grace, you can not be saved.
     I know that there is a lot of you of the Protestant faith, and the Jewish faith, and Muslims, and even the Mormons would say I talked directly to Jesus, and I say you,-that it is ridiculous and hypocritical for you to even think in this manner, that is because you must go through the Holy Spirit to be presented to Jesus for salvation. 
    To give you an example, Jesus would say to you, what and the world is wrong with you child, the Father and I have sent to you the Holy Spirit to care for all your own needs  and yet you ignore him, and try to come to us directly.
                                             Apostle James
                     Continue fron 01/22/13
     The first thing you must remember is that the entire body of our Lord Jesus Christ is anointed by the Holy Spirit, and you cannot touch the anointed One Jesus without first touching the anointment the Holy Spirit. This teaching should be said over and over again so that you remember it, for without it you are lost. This is why it is much harder to teach through writing and not to be able to teach the person by being able to look into the eyes as students. This is why the morning prayer that my master the Holy Spirit gave to me for myself, and for all of you so that He could be with you from the earliest in the morning to the latest at night.
    This, is the prayer that He taught me:::::This prayer must be said every morning before you even get out of bed, and I repeat again, every morning with true devotion from your heart.
                                     MORNING PRAYER

    Good morning Holy Spirit, thanks for being with me last night and thanks for coming into my heart and my soul, for with You I am everything, and without You I am nothingless. Help me today in my actions, words, and deeds, in ways that is pleasing to the most Holy Trinity, the Father, the Son, and to you Holy Spirit.
     Thank you             Thank you            Thank you
     I love you               I love you              I love you                       

     I looked at this prayer and was simply at awe of what the words meant. It covers everything.
     1st  Your greeting to God Himself, and by asking him to come into your heart and your soul. What better greeting could you give to God. I assure you that, it is simply amazing. God is first and will always be first in your life. If you say this greeting with true devotion from your heart you will feel Him enter you. But when you say this greeting you must have no doubt at all or no testing of Him, of what you ask of Him, and expect of Him for this will destroy everything.
     2nd You will find out when He is with you that thing you ask of Him just might happen so be careful what you ask for. When you start to experience His presence you will experience joy, puzzlement, fear. Now do not get it wrong the fear that I talk about is the unexpected results that come so quickly from what you ask of Him and you say to yourself what's happening here, and then comes the joy of His love for you. It will take you a while to get used to, but do not worry you have the rest of your life. Just like when He is with you, you are everything, but then comes the opposite without Him you will only exist in the state of nothing-less. Believe me, everything and nothing-less are two completely different worlds.
    3rd He also will help you in your action, words, and deeds and you will find out that the words you speak will be much nicer, kinder, and the acts that you do toward others will change, and the deeds in which you do them will be more satisfying to you. I have so much more to tell you about Him but just be patient there will be time.
                                                          Apostle James
                            Continue from 01/ 29/2013
     Now this is the second prayer I will teach you and just like the morning prayer it must be said every night, again, every night before you close your eyes for sleep and alway from your heart  with true meaning.
                                          NIGHT TIME PRAYER

      My beloved Jesus I take this time to ask for your forgiveness for any sins that I may have committed against the Father, You, or the Holy Spirit, in any way and for any sins that I may have committed against my brothers and sisters through my human actions with true sorrow and repentance.
                                           Amen amen

      Now by saying the morning prayer, and this night prayer, the only thing left for you to do is to receive absolution from Christ's priesthood. By going to Sunday mass every Sunday, you receive a general absolution given by the priest from the alter.
       Now from the result of doing these three things you live in the state of holiness through the sanctifying grace of the Holy Spirit. By this action you can not go anywhere else but heaven, if you should die unexpectedly ( note) of course you must be baptized. I do not know what more God can promise you, than this act of love, and it requires just so little in return.
       Now if you are not married in the Catholic Church is all you have to do is to have the priest bless your marriage which would only take about an hour and then you would be abe to receive Holy Communion.
     This would also will be a good way to find out if your mate still loves you. If he does, he would say let's do it, and if he didn't he would say I do want to bother with it.    
                                          Apostle James   
                 Continue from 02/05/2013
      Let's take a moment to review what we have learned so far. The first thing is that time is getting short and there might not be much time left for you to turn your lives around. The second is that the Holy Spirit is the key to salvation and without his sanctifying grace you cannot be saved. The third thing is the first of two prayers that he gave us so that He could always be with us and guide us in our lives, and the second prayer is to ask Jesus for forgiveness of our sin every night. And to teach us that we must receive absolution from Christ's priesthood to sanctify them.
    Now about His Church, the Universal Christian Church. Christ started His Church the true church through His Apostles and it was called Christ Church, and all that belonged to His Church were classified as Christians. This church was to be called universal, so that all faiths and beliefs could belong to it. Now the word Catholic if you look at up in the dictionary means universal, hence forth became known as the Catholic Church.
    I know there is many of you who say he's just trying to convert us, but let me tell you this I can not convert any of you, you must convert yourselves. I was just left here by the Father and Son, through the Holy Spirit who tell you the absolute truth and that's what I have done. As scriptures say "to one much is given, and from that same one much is expected".
     The difference between me, the Priest, Bishops, and Cardinals is that we can only serve one master and my master is the Holy Spirit, and the Priest, Bishops and Cardinals master is Jesus Christ. The Priest Bishops and Cardinals cannot do what I have the authority to do and I James can not do what they have the authority to do. Their authority is to consecrate the Holy Eucharist, give absolution for your sins, and to say mass. My authority is to teach you the explanation of God's words, and their meanings, and to introduce you to the Holy Spirit of God. Most of you don't know the Holy Spirit, most of you don't even know Jesus or God the Father, and this is why I was left here to teach you of the Holy Trinity.
   God our father and his prophets, and Jesus had his apostles and the Holy Spirit has his apostles. Yes it is true that they are three persons in one God, but all three have their purpose for mankind.
                                                      Apostle James

      This will be the last of the lessons on salvation, and can be be questioned by man or woman as it pertains to the words of God, and how they are to be used. You and you alone are totally responsible for your own souls that were sealed for redemption- salvation in the sanctifying grace of the Holy Spirit at baptism. Do not blame your priest, pastor, or other spiritual advisors for where they will end up. Beware to except the advice of such as these when they are in direct violation of God's words. Yes we are to obey the laws of man, but not if they contradict the laws of God.
    Now in this world of political correctness, on morality or on speach you are not to listen or to keep company with all of your brothers and sisters who do not follow the Will of God, and you should know what that is because if you do not, you may already be lost. As I have told you many times and that I have written in my book that 80% of mankind will not inherit the kingdom of heaven and those are not my words but the words of Jesus Christ himself. (Matt C:7 V:13-14)
   Because of the Commandments of Jesus spoken through his Apostle Paul who condemns a lifestyle in fornication, drunkenness, and all other evil acts against God, can not enter the kingdom of heaven if they are on your soul after death. Now all of you who associate keep company with such as these they will teach you their ways. God never told you in any way that you were to like anyone or be friends with your brother, sister, aunt or uncle who commit these acts. The only thing that God has instructed us that we were to love one another as his creation and not to do harm to them in any way. So you are not to be friends with any of these because if you do not adopt their sinful ways you will not be there friends for very long anyway.
      Now just a few things and the reasons that most of you are committing the act of mortal sin in your daily lives on both of the political parties. Liberalism as declared by his Holiness John Paul II that liberalism is a sin inside and outside of the Catholic Church. And as I have stated many times that the liberal woman is the most sinful creature on the face of the earth in her beliefs that abortion and birth control would be appropriate to God. Now Democrats are ones who follow liberal beliefs and are liberals in name only. Now conservatives are ones who have directly oppsite beliefs of liberals and follow the will of God the most. And the Republicans are ones who follow the beliefs of the conservatives. Now I can personally tell you if Jesus Christ was on earth today and was instructed by God the Father that he must belong to a political party he would be a conservative. Now the Independences are what our Lord preferred you not to be, they are considered not hot or cold but the lukewarm. Now you must be one or the other hot or cold and not lukewarm. You must either be on one side of the fence or the other, on God's side or on Satan's side you cannot straddle the fence as lukewarm.
     Now on the use of words, do not be afraid of what you'd say to each other for words were created by man and woman to communicate with each other their likes order dislikes. So if you decide to call each other names that means nothing to God just do not I repeat do not use bad names against God. Calling each other names will not keep you out of the kingdom of heaven as God has nothing to do with them. And if people don't like the way you talk they could walk away, and if you don't like the way they talk, you could walk away.
                                                                 Apostle James

2:34 pm pst 

     Just listening to them can prove that. I have been listening to the broadcast about the killing of the children in Connecticut, yes killing but not the act premeditated murdered as the fetus in abortion are. Killing can be done at  a moments notice where premeditated murder has to be planned and has to be carried out by a person ,time and place. I can not understand the outrage over one and not the other. Yes I, as Jesus would feel pity that this horrendous, senseless act had to happen and I keep hearing the newscasters asking how can we fix this problem? and I say that mankind will never be able to fix the problem for to do that you would have to control emotions of all mankind and that not possible. A person can be normal one moment and flip out the next.
     I do not know how many of the children were baptized but the one who were are in the kingdom of heaven and the ones who were not are in limbo.
    Even Jesus own priesthood that I heard one priest say "All these little Angels " let me tell you that none of those children will never be angels, but can only be saints in heaven as Gods children, where angels can only be servants of God. The Holy Trinity get so tired of man misusing Their Words.

                                             Apostle James to the Holy Spirit

12:11 pm pst 

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                      THIS PAGE IS TO LET YOU KNOW WHO I AM

          I am James, Apostle to my Divine Master the Holy Spirit of God and servant to the Holy Trinity through Him. I have been instructed  VOCALLY by God Our Father, and commissioned by Him to tell and teach all of His children of the meaning of the Holy Trinity. I am not  to force, trick or deceive any of you in any way for as He said," it would be better that I never been born". I have been told to teach the holy scripture of Our Lord Jesus through the grace of the Holy Spirit, and to warn you of the consequences of your violation of them.
          I am to ask for impossible healing for you my brothers and sisters, but my main purpose is to teach you how to ask the Holy Spirit for yourselves, and through Him for intercessions to Jesus for your brothers and sisters.

         I have heard that some of the Fathers procreation, have heard the Vocal voice of God the Father, and that some have heard the Vocal voice of Jesus, but I have never heard or read  even in past scripture of anyone, who has heard the Vocal voice of all Three, The Father, Son and Holy Spirit which I have heard, and to also see the Eye of the Father and the Face of Jesus. I have also offered to be tested by mankind, through all of their truth devices which should prove to them, that I am telling to all of you ,the truth in Gods Name.
         As Jesus Our Lord has said; Blessed are they, that have not seen but believe". To believe is to hope and trust in someone or something, that you accept as real; But I say  to all that, Knowing  is beyond belief, for it become a FACT, that is real and does exist, for you have heard, seen, or felt it  for yourselves as I have.
        The word Apostle means " One who carries out the mission of his master" and that is my purpose here in this world, as The Apostle of the Holy Spirit is to teach all to come to KNOW Him, and not just about Him, or just to believe in Him.
        I was left here by the Father, and the Son, and sanctified vocally by the Holy Spirit to teach you, and not to be taught by you. I am to interrupt the Holy Scriptures for you, through the authority of the Holy Spirit who is the Offical Guardian and infallible interrupter of them. I am to tell you that " Gods Words are not our words, and that our words are not Gods Words".You cannot enter the kingdom of heaven by the ways and words of man, only through the ways and words of God.
         I James, am to clarify your misunderstanding and your abuse of the Holy Scriptures, through my Master, the Holy Spirit, who is the only One who can  interrupt them correctly. Just as the Apostles of Jesus in His Divinity, who first proclaimed the Holy Scriptures, Our Lords Commandments, sealed by His authority, are to be obeyed by all of the Fathers children, and not just a selected few, BUT ALL.
         I James, by the sanctified authority of the Holy Spirit, will explain in simple clarity the meaning of the Holy Scriptures.
          Example ( Judge not and you shall not be judged) This as well as so many others scriptures, that has been misinterpreted,  by mankind are destroying the true meaning of God words. 
         This is how Our Lord will judge the judges: As I have always taught you, that you are not to judge the living, but you can judge their act of evil after death. The living always has the time to repent for their sins before death, but there is NO forgiveness after death because you do not have the free Will to ask. Our free will leaves us at the moment of death. We will all make our own judgement of where we want to go after death by the ways we live our lives here on earth before death. Jesus will simply send us where we have chosen to go.
          But you can judge your brothers and sisters acts of evil by warning them, if you continue these act against God, and they are your soul after death, they will go to hell. Warning is not the same as judging. Sin is a personnel act, and we are responsible for the sins of other when we cooperate in them by ordering or approving of them, voluntarily or directly, by not hindering them when we have the obligation to do so. By protecting the evil doers, we cooperate in their personnel sin which then becomes social sin and we are the accompliance's of them.

         I James, have been taught by the Holy Spirit for the past ten years of the lesson and words to teach you, the Fathers children. Obey the words that I teach you, and I will be with you for as long as you truly want to learn how,  to come to know the Holy Spirit, in unity with Jesus to the glory of the Father. Reject what I teach you, in Their Name, and you will be abandoned by me and God, for I will not condone disobedience of the Commandments of God. For when you disobey Gods Law you turn your backs on Him in sin, and He will leave you until you reconcile yourselves back to Him. Jesus will not help you in your sinful ways.

                               May the Holy Spirit of God Bless all who read and obey
                                                                James His Apostle

  I say to all of you that time is shorter than you think. If you knew how short, you would not want to close your eye's at night. As Our Lord Jesus said  " Now is the time of preparations for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.

   You can e-mail me at apostlehsog@cox.net or I will speak to you by means of the telephone. I have free long distance 24 hours a day 7 days a week to help answer all of your questions. My phone # is 702 889 2072.  I prefer to teach vocally because God speaks through me to you.
    I will be releasing Their Book (entitled) the gospel of James as a way for you to understand what They are asking you to do in the few days we have left. I have a page on the last of this website if you would desire any chapter of Their Book I will e-mail it to you.

     This website will be updated every Sunday

E-mail me with your questions click on   Apostlehsog@cox.net

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