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he administrators of the Catholic Church and their altering of the doctrine of it must come to a stop. For I do guarantee you that the church will not change for the people, but the people must change for the church. As the apostle of the Holy Spirit I do warn you that God is not happy with his priesthood, or his children who should know basic church teachings.
     I do not know how Pope Benedict could nullify the teachings of Jesus Christ in Christ in own words to Nicodemus that all of the Fathers children from birth on, must be baptized to enter the kingdom of heaven, and his personal opinion that the non-baptized infants can enter heaven and that there is no limbo. I do declare to you that there is a heaven,a hell, a purgatory and a limbo. Heaven is a place where you go to dwell in eternal joy, and hell is a place you go for eternal punishment and suffering, purgatory is a place for temporary punishment, and finally limbo a place of temporary holy confinement. As I have taught you that everything that has a positive must have a negative, and every start must have end. I offered to debate the Vatican on any of my teachings and that my master the Holy Spirit could tell them in his own words of their errors.
      Let any of them give testimony of miracles that God has performed through their hands as I have given you on this testimony of Beth Maddux that God has performed threw my hands, plus the power of God's grace that I hold in my right-hand.
      God our heavenly Father would tell you that I have given you your own guardian angel to watch over you and guide you here on earth. I have given you my beloved son Jesus to die for the forgiveness and remission of your sin, so that he could give you salvation, and finally I have given you the Holy Spirit to sanctify your very souls so that you could be saved. How much more could the Father give you to prove his love for you.
      I am here to teach you of how you can come to know the Holy Spirit of God so that you could ask for your own miracles and ask the Holy Spirit through his intercession with Jesus for miracles for your brothers and sisters.

                                                   Apostle James
  Continued on 04/07/13
    Now let me explain this as simple as I can, when you are conceived that means that you have temporary existence and depend on somebody else to live. When you are born is when you receive the breath of life from God our Father and you can live on your own. Now when you receive the breath of life from God our Father you are born through human procreation and through this birth of the woman you are born in original sin, inherited from Eve. Now when you are baptized you are washed clean of original sin and your human spirit is united with Christ spirit and becomes holy through the sanctifying grace of the Holy Spirit. This is one of the purposes of the Holy Spirit, baptism. This is what Christ referred to when he said that you must be born again of the spirit to enter heaven. There is no religion called born again Christians, but any one of the Fathers children who is baptized can be classified as born again. You can only be baptized once, but this baptism can be renewed as many times as you wish. For any of you who are not baptized, God is not with you because it would be impossible without being united to Christ spirit. Why do you think that Jesus himself was baptized in the Jordan, not because he had to be, but to show us what we must do.
     I do know that in the Catholic Church you can not hold any office or carry out any sacramental works without a baptismal certificate or confirmation certificate, which means you are baptized and you accepted the baptism of your own free will. This means that you can not receive holy Communion or be a Eucharistic minister to give out holy Communion, or you can not be married in the church without them. I am only teaching you what the priest should have already taught you. Your baptismal certificate is an important document in your life in the Catholic Church.
                                                      Apostle James   
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Man and woman are not equal in God's Eyes

    ( 1 Corinthian C11 V8-9)
    V 8  For the man is not of the woman, but the woman of the man. [9] For the man was not created for the woman, but the woman for the man

      There is so much talk today about the equality between man and woman and I say to you that in God's eyes there is no such teaching. As it is taught by the apostles of Jesus Christ in the New Testament that man was not to sleep with man as a woman, and the woman was not to sleep with a woman as a man, because this is against the will of God the Father, because there can be no reproduction between a man and a man, and a woman and woman.
       God our Father created the man and the woman to be joined together so that with His help they could procreate children to be with him in heaven. As I have stated in my book that there is no creation from God our Father of the homosexual and lesbian because in God's eyes, this would be evil and God the Father would never procreate evil. Homosexualism and lesbianism are lifestyles that you choose to live and they are not inherited.
     As it is with all children what you learn when you are young you practice as adults. Now they say that homosexual and lesbian couples adopt young children and raise them that it is right for a man and a man and a woman a woman to marry each other. The young child will adopt the ways of their parents and when they get older they will also marry the same sex because they think there is nothing wrong with it. But after a while children would cease to exist because there would be no procreation between the man and the man and the woman and the woman. I guess some would say let it happen and that would be a good way to get rid of the gays and lesbians, but it would stop God our Father intentions on children that he hopes would be with him in heaven.
     Now for all of you who support such beliefs that it is all right are just as guilty as the one who practice such beliefs will be punished by Jesus after death if this is on your soul. So if your friends try to prompt you in such beliefs it would be wise for you to tell them to take a hike because the punishment will be eternal.
                                                   Apostle James

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CHO0SING A POPE ( A Vicar of Jesus Christ )
    I will refresh you on the choosing of a Pope, for the ones of you who know, and for the ones of you who do not know, exactly what is the duty of the office of the Vicar of Christ. It is very simple that the Vicar of Christ duties are to teach, and protect the doctrine and teachings of the Catholic Church. Some Popes do it, and some do not. You have conservative Popes and you have liberal Popes and this is why even though they say that the Holy Spirit helps them select the future Pope I find it hard to believe. How could my master the Holy Spirit helps select a liberal Pope when liberalism is a sin inside and outside of the Catholic Church. In fact I would tell you that all the cardinals who are in this conclave would know the Holy Spirit if he did talk to them. I do tell you this because to know the Holy Spirit and live in His state of  ecstasy which I do,and which only the Holy Spirit can give to you is beyond belief.
       Now, just a little you should know about the man that they choose for this office and that is you do not have to like their choice, and you are not to obey their choice when his teachings are different from that of the Catholic doctrine. This also pertains to the bishops and priests of your own diocese when and if they differ from the doctrine and the teachings of the church. Like I will tell you the only one you have to obey is the one who enforces the doctrine and teaching of the Catholic Church, and the laws that they signs into as church teachings. The doctrine and laws of the church must always be obeyed.
      In fact I would bet you that the Cardinals the Catholic Church that not 50% of them could tell you the mission of the Holy Spirit and that should be the easiest thing for them to do. I just hope and pray that the new pontiff has the ability to do the job he been elected to do and bring back obedience to the Catholic Church. For such Catholics who only come to church on Easter and Christmas and is not warned by the celebrant not to receive holy Communion if they have not been to confession or reconciliation in the past 12 months, because to do so would be committing a mortal sin on top of mortal sin.
        His Holiness Pope Benedict should never have been elected Pope because first of all he did not want the office and he should have refused it. I disagree with his recent belief that there is no limbo and that all unbaptized infants go directly into heaven after death. For one to believe such nonsense as this would mean that Jesus Christ lied when he told Nicodemus that all had to be born again of the spirit to enter the kingdom of heaven. To be born again is to be baptized uniting thier own human spirit to Jesus Spirit.

      In fact I have talked with several people who do not attend church anymore and I asked them why not and they tell me there is no obedience in the church anymore everybody does just what he wants to do and if you want to pray in silence you have people next to you chattering like magpies and I'd say to them I see your point. So I just give them a little advice and tell them the next time they come to church bring some earplugs and only take them out when the priest goes on the altar and they said they just might give that a try. I told them that by not coming to church any more is letting the other person win and is keeping them from Jesus Christ.

                                                                         Apostle James


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                      THIS PAGE IS TO LET YOU KNOW WHO I AM

          I am James, Apostle to my Divine Master the Holy Spirit of God and servant to the Holy Trinity through Him. I have been instructed  VOCALLY by God Our Father, and commissioned by Him to tell and teach all of His children of the meaning of the Holy Trinity. I am not  to force, trick or deceive any of you in any way for as He said," it would be better that I never been born". I have been told to teach the holy scripture of Our Lord Jesus through the grace of the Holy Spirit, and to warn you of the consequences of your violation of them.
          I am to ask for impossible healing for you my brothers and sisters, but my main purpose is to teach you how to ask the Holy Spirit for yourselves, and through Him for intercessions to Jesus for your brothers and sisters.

         I have heard that some of the Fathers procreation, have heard the Vocal voice of God the Father, and that some have heard the Vocal voice of Jesus, but I have never heard or read  even in past scripture of anyone, who has heard the Vocal voice of all Three, The Father, Son and Holy Spirit which I have heard, and to also see the Eye of the Father and the Face of Jesus. I have also offered to be tested by mankind, through all of their truth devices which should prove to them, that I am telling to all of you ,the truth in Gods Name.
         As Jesus Our Lord has said; Blessed are they, that have not seen but believe". To believe is to hope and trust in someone or something, that you accept as real; But I say  to all that, Knowing  is beyond belief, for it become a FACT, that is real and does exist, for you have heard, seen, or felt it  for yourselves as I have.
        The word Apostle means " One who carries out the mission of his master" and that is my purpose here in this world, as The Apostle of the Holy Spirit is to teach all to come to KNOW Him, and not just about Him, or just to believe in Him.
        I was left here by the Father, and the Son, and sanctified vocally by the Holy Spirit to teach you, and not to be taught by you. I am to interrupt the Holy Scriptures for you, through the authority of the Holy Spirit who is the Offical Guardian and infallible interrupter of them. I am to tell you that " Gods Words are not our words, and that our words are not Gods Words".You cannot enter the kingdom of heaven by the ways and words of man, only through the ways and words of God.
         I James, am to clarify your misunderstanding and your abuse of the Holy Scriptures, through my Master, the Holy Spirit, who is the only One who can  interrupt them correctly. Just as the Apostles of Jesus in His Divinity, who first proclaimed the Holy Scriptures, Our Lords Commandments, sealed by His authority, are to be obeyed by all of the Fathers children, and not just a selected few, BUT ALL.
         I James, by the sanctified authority of the Holy Spirit, will explain in simple clarity the meaning of the Holy Scriptures.
          Example ( Judge not and you shall not be judged) This as well as so many others scriptures, that has been misinterpreted,  by mankind are destroying the true meaning of God words. 
         This is how Our Lord will judge the judges: As I have always taught you, that you are not to judge the living, but you can judge their act of evil after death. The living always has the time to repent for their sins before death, but there is NO forgiveness after death because you do not have the free Will to ask. Our free will leaves us at the moment of death. We will all make our own judgement of where we want to go after death by the ways we live our lives here on earth before death. Jesus will simply send us where we have chosen to go.
          But you can judge your brothers and sisters acts of evil by warning them, if you continue these act against God, and they are your soul after death, they will go to hell. Warning is not the same as judging. Sin is a personnel act, and we are responsible for the sins of other when we cooperate in them by ordering or approving of them, voluntarily or directly, by not hindering them when we have the obligation to do so. By protecting the evil doers, we cooperate in their personnel sin which then becomes social sin and we are the accompliance's of them.

         I James, have been taught by the Holy Spirit for the past ten years of the lesson and words to teach you, the Fathers children. Obey the words that I teach you, and I will be with you for as long as you truly want to learn how,  to come to know the Holy Spirit, in unity with Jesus to the glory of the Father. Reject what I teach you, in Their Name, and you will be abandoned by me and God, for I will not condone disobedience of the Commandments of God. For when you disobey Gods Law you turn your backs on Him in sin, and He will leave you until you reconcile yourselves back to Him. Jesus will not help you in your sinful ways.

                               May the Holy Spirit of God Bless all who read and obey
                                                                James His Apostle

  I say to all of you that time is shorter than you think. If you knew how short, you would not want to close your eye's at night. As Our Lord Jesus said  " Now is the time of preparations for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.

   You can e-mail me at apostlehsog@cox.net or I will speak to you by means of the telephone. I have free long distance 24 hours a day 7 days a week to help answer all of your questions. My phone # is 702 889 2072.  I prefer to teach vocally because God speaks through me to you.
    I will be releasing Their Book (entitled) the gospel of James as a way for you to understand what They are asking you to do in the few days we have left. I have a page on the last of this website if you would desire any chapter of Their Book I will e-mail it to you.

     This website will be updated every Sunday

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