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          Now we will take up the meaning of (political correctness) and I say to all of you who make statements think of what you're going to say before you say them and do not take them back, because if you made the statement in the first place and you didn't mean it you should not have said it in the first place.

          Is all God has ever said to us is that we are to love each other as his creation and not to do harm to each other in any way. He did not say that we are not supposed to call them names because names will never hurt a person, and I can testify to that, because I've been called every name in the book and when someone calls me a name I just say God bless you and they give me a funny look and walk off. This is because names were not created by God but they are created by man and woman to communicate with each other and to express our feelings toward our brothers and sisters. If you think someone is an idiot call him an idiot. If you think he's an idiot and you call him a genius it only hurts them because they can never achieve that status and believe me I've seen a bunch idiots walking around lately. The word idiot is described in the dictionary with the meaning of --a foolish and stupid person-- and it is a foolish and stupid person who thinks that they are going to take God's words and interpret them in their own way and expect God to approve of this, it's not going to happen.

         To me an example of an idiot is one who calls themselves a Christian and do not even belong to the Lord's true Church, and this Jesus said himself when he said to Peter"  Peter you are the rock and upon rock I will build My Church not churches but My Church. The true Church of Jesus Christ is the Universal Christian Church which was started by the apostles of Jesus Christ in the second century A.D. This is all described in my book the Gospel of James and as I have said many times before to get this book, and read it, and if you obey what God has asked you to do, you will have a straight path through the gates of heaven. This I can promise you as one who has talked with God the Father , God the Son and God the Holy Spirit vocally and they have answered me back vocally. And another thing is that you do not have to like or associate with anyone that you do not want to because 86% of this world walks around in the state of sin and if you associate with them and do not do as they do you will no longer be their friends anyway.

                                                                                        Apostle James


       Now we will take up the word AUTONOMY which everyone should be aware of because as it states in the dictionary is the way you should govern your lives. Autonomy is when you take control of your own lives and you are responsible for the the judgments you make instead of letting someone else make them for you, of what is right and what is wrong for you are responsible where your own destination will lead you, either heaven or hell, not your teachers.


1:  the quality or state of being self-governing;; :  self-directing freedom and especially moral independence.

       If more of you use this word and its meaning there would not be so many of you going to hell as there is now, for you would know what God expects of you and not to interpret his words so they are pleasing to you in this world. For it is going to be His way and not yours I can assure you of that.

       God the Father did not leave us in this world so that we could not avoid sin that could not be forgiven like the snap of a finger. Abortion is one of those moral sins that could become extinct if man and woman would do what God would approve of, and when they got horny, masturbate, in private instead of having sex with each other for it is the sex with each other that conceives the child. No conception no abortion. Masturbation in the Catholic Church is only a mortal sin when man and woman who are married in the Catholic Church and do it in order to prevent procreation for which was the purpose God created man and woman. Do not tell me for a second that man cannot satisfy himself with his hand as he can with the woman, that would be a bold face lie, and that the woman cannot satisfy herself without a man.
                                               APOSTLE JAMES


       Now I will teach you the true meaning of the words( judge and you shall be judged). Now the correct interpretation of this statement is we are not to judge our brothers and sisters while they are still living, but after death you can judge them. Before death they still have the time to reconcile themselves back to Christ, but after death you no longer have free will to ask for forgiveness so your sins remain.

       I have said to you many times that so many of your brothers and sisters that you think are in heaven are not and never will be. Martin Luther King is one of those who will never be in heaven and those who follow his teachings will not either. Martin Luther King has never had his sins forgiven by Christ's priesthood so they remain with him and anyone with sin on their souls cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. As Jesus Christ said to Peter to you I give the authority to forgive sin in my name "what sins you forgive they are forgiven what sins you retain they are retained". These are the words of God.

       I also remind you that sin comes in two parts " guilt and punishment"now the priesthood of Christ can only forgive the guilt of the sin if you are truly sorry for them, but only Jesus Christ can forgive the punishment, for he is the only one who knows if you are truly sorry for them. The guilt of the sin must be forgiven first then Jesus will forgive the punishment.  This is in the same order as humans have adopted their laws from God when they have the terms crime and punishment. The guilt of the crime must be forgiven first before the judge can forgive the punishment.

                                                                         Apostle James     


         It is not my purpose to start a war between the Catholic Church and the laity but it is my duty to my master the Holy Spirit of God to correct things when they are wrong. In recent revisions of Catholic belief that baptism is not necessarily for infants to enter the kingdom of heaven. I do not know how Pope Benedict could have done this when his own belief was that the pope was to enforce the doctrine of the Catholic Church and not to change it, revise means to change.

          Limbo's exist today as it did when it was started and will remain limbo until the end of creation. You have 4 different beliefs and they are Heaven, Hell, Purgatory, and Limbo. As I have stated many times that every positive must have a negative. The children who die without being baptized will go into limbo and will remain there until the end of creation where Christ will judge if they would've followed the Catholic beliefs of His Church on Earth, or if they would not have followed the Catholic beliefs, and  he will send them either be heaven or hell. Christ is smart enough to make this decision I can guarantee that.

         I do not know any Vicar of Christ that can claim that he has talked to the Holy Spirit and then been answered back by the Holy Spirit as I have. I can prove my statement but they cannot, so that is why they do not take the challenges that I have offered them, by means mechanically, medical, and you the people. When we are born we are born in the state of original sin of Eve and that will remain with us until it is cleansed and by baptism. It is my mastered the Holy Spirit's purpose for being in this world is to unite our human spirits with Christ spirit which makes it holy. How can Benedict, put the unbaptized babies in the same state grace as the Blessed Virgin Mary.
        The theological commission said they could not find any proof of this in the Scriptures so I asked that what about Jesus own words when he said to Nicodemus you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven unless you are born again of the spirit, born again is to be baptized. Jesus made no specific requirements on age. 

                                                    Apostle James

9:42 pm pst 

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                      THIS PAGE IS TO LET YOU KNOW WHO I AM

          I am James, Apostle to my Divine Master the Holy Spirit of God and servant to the Holy Trinity through Him. I have been instructed  VOCALLY by God Our Father, and commissioned by Him to tell and teach all of His children of the meaning of the Holy Trinity. I am not  to force, trick or deceive any of you in any way for as He said," it would be better that I never been born". I have been told to teach the holy scripture of Our Lord Jesus through the grace of the Holy Spirit, and to warn you of the consequences of your violation of them.
          I am to ask for impossible healing for you my brothers and sisters, but my main purpose is to teach you how to ask the Holy Spirit for yourselves, and through Him for intercessions to Jesus for your brothers and sisters.

         I have heard that some of the Fathers procreation, have heard the Vocal voice of God the Father, and that some have heard the Vocal voice of Jesus, but I have never heard or read  even in past scripture of anyone, who has heard the Vocal voice of all Three, The Father, Son and Holy Spirit which I have heard, and to also see the Eye of the Father and the Face of Jesus. I have also offered to be tested by mankind, through all of their truth devices which should prove to them, that I am telling to all of you ,the truth in Gods Name.
         As Jesus Our Lord has said; Blessed are they, that have not seen but believe". To believe is to hope and trust in someone or something, that you accept as real; But I say  to all that, Knowing  is beyond belief, for it become a FACT, that is real and does exist, for you have heard, seen, or felt it  for yourselves as I have.
        The word Apostle means " One who carries out the mission of his master" and that is my purpose here in this world, as The Apostle of the Holy Spirit is to teach all to come to KNOW Him, and not just about Him, or just to believe in Him.
        I was left here by the Father, and the Son, and sanctified vocally by the Holy Spirit to teach you, and not to be taught by you. I am to interrupt the Holy Scriptures for you, through the authority of the Holy Spirit who is the Offical Guardian and infallible interrupter of them. I am to tell you that " Gods Words are not our words, and that our words are not Gods Words".You cannot enter the kingdom of heaven by the ways and words of man, only through the ways and words of God.
         I James, am to clarify your misunderstanding and your abuse of the Holy Scriptures, through my Master, the Holy Spirit, who is the only One who can  interrupt them correctly. Just as the Apostles of Jesus in His Divinity, who first proclaimed the Holy Scriptures, Our Lords Commandments, sealed by His authority, are to be obeyed by all of the Fathers children, and not just a selected few, BUT ALL.
         I James, by the sanctified authority of the Holy Spirit, will explain in simple clarity the meaning of the Holy Scriptures.
          Example ( Judge not and you shall not be judged) This as well as so many others scriptures, that has been misinterpreted,  by mankind are destroying the true meaning of God words. 
         This is how Our Lord will judge the judges: As I have always taught you, that you are not to judge the living, but you can judge their act of evil after death. The living always has the time to repent for their sins before death, but there is NO forgiveness after death because you do not have the free Will to ask. Our free will leaves us at the moment of death. We will all make our own judgement of where we want to go after death by the ways we live our lives here on earth before death. Jesus will simply send us where we have chosen to go.
          But you can judge your brothers and sisters acts of evil by warning them, if you continue these act against God, and they are your soul after death, they will go to hell. Warning is not the same as judging. Sin is a personnel act, and we are responsible for the sins of other when we cooperate in them by ordering or approving of them, voluntarily or directly, by not hindering them when we have the obligation to do so. By protecting the evil doers, we cooperate in their personnel sin which then becomes social sin and we are the accompliance's of them.

         I James, have been taught by the Holy Spirit for the past ten years of the lesson and words to teach you, the Fathers children. Obey the words that I teach you, and I will be with you for as long as you truly want to learn how,  to come to know the Holy Spirit, in unity with Jesus to the glory of the Father. Reject what I teach you, in Their Name, and you will be abandoned by me and God, for I will not condone disobedience of the Commandments of God. For when you disobey Gods Law you turn your backs on Him in sin, and He will leave you until you reconcile yourselves back to Him. Jesus will not help you in your sinful ways.

                               May the Holy Spirit of God Bless all who read and obey
                                                                James His Apostle

  I say to all of you that time is shorter than you think. If you knew how short, you would not want to close your eye's at night. As Our Lord Jesus said  " Now is the time of preparations for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.

   You can e-mail me at apostlehsog@cox.net or I will speak to you by means of the telephone. I have free long distance 24 hours a day 7 days a week to help answer all of your questions. My phone # is 702 889 2072.  I prefer to teach vocally because God speaks through me to you.
    I will be releasing Their Book (entitled) the gospel of James as a way for you to understand what They are asking you to do in the few days we have left. I have a page on the last of this website if you would desire any chapter of Their Book I will e-mail it to you.

     This website will be updated every Sunday

E-mail me with your questions click on   Apostlehsog@cox.net

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