Teachings of the Holy Spirit


          Mankinds key to salvation through Jesus is the 
                                 Holy Spirit of God


       The Holy Spirit is the Third Person of the Holy Trinity as God the Father is a Person, and as Jesus His Son is a Person. The Holy Spirit is a person and has the same power of God as They do. They are all equal in power as One God, but only God the Father has the authority over the Holy Trinity.
       The Father is the Lord of Creation of the soul, and No One can create the soul except Him. Jesus is the Lord of salvation and you cannot be saved except through Him, or forgiveness of punishment for sins. The Holy Spirit is the Lord of sanctification, and without His sanctifying grace you cannot be united onto Jesus for salvation.
       I am to teach you of the Holy Trinity, through the Holy Spirit as I was commissioned by God the Father, VOCALLY to do. God the Father is the Father of all creation and procreation. He created and procreated all of humankind to be His Children, and created a soul by which to reclaim all of us in the grace of God, the sanctifying grace of the Holy Spirit.
       Jesus is the Lord of forgiveness and salvation and no one can receive forgiveness of punishment for their sin except through Him, or receive salvation. You cannot be saved or forgiven except by Jesus in unity with the Father and Holy Spirit. Jesus was given control of heaven and earth by the Father. 
       The Holy Spirit is the Lord of Sanctification, which is fulfillment in Divine Life, and this is why you cannot be saved, except through Him in unity with Our Lord Jesus. The reason you cannot be accepted by Jesus without Him, is that every spec of Jesus Body is anointed by Him, and I say to you, that you cannot touch the anointed One Jesus, without first touching the anointment the Holy Spirit. 
        I say to you, that to know about the Holy Spirit, is not the same as knowing Him as in St. Johns scriptures.
 (The Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it sees him not, nor knows him: but you shall know him; because he shall abide with you, and shall be in you). (John C:14 V:17)   
       The Holy Spirit wants a personnel relationship with each of us, as He has with me, and yes you can have a relationship with Him like a human person as quoted in the holy scriptures. 
 ( The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the charity of God and the communication of the Holy Spirit be with you all). (2 Corth. C: 13 V:13) 
In all my teachings I do not use the word ghost for it is offensive to my master, and you can grieve the Holy Spirit by using it.
        And grieve not the Holy Spirit of God:
 whereby you are sealed unto the day of Redemption (EPH. C;4 V:30)
       I cannot tell you if you will ever hear His Vocal Voice as I have for the past 10 years, but I hope and pray that He will grant it to all, for to hear His Voice is pure Ecstasy, as it is to hear Jesus, and the Father Voice Vocally.  I asked the Holy Spirit, this question one day," in this confused world of do this, and do that, and if you do not, you can not enter the kingdom."   What would be the simplest way to tell my brothers and sister what they must do? His reply was:

      " The words and actions of man, can and will deceive you, but the words and will of God will not. But you are only to Follow the Ten Commandments of God The Father, and the Commandments the Lord Jesus left you, and you shall dwell in My Sanctifying Grace, and there will be no sin, that will not be forgiven at the least asking".
      The Holy Spirit has seven gifts that only He has the power to give to man and woman and He does in unity with the Father and Son. Jesus Himself could not give you these gifts as clearly stated in the scripture of Isaiah.
 The Spirit of the Lord shall rest upon Him: the Spirit of Wisdom, and Understanding, the Spirit of counsel and of strength, the Spirit of knowledge and piety, and the fear of the Lord. (Isaiah C: 11 V: 2).
       The Holy Spirit was sent by the Father and Son to take Jesus place so that He could be with everyone at one time, and through His guidance and counsel, to help us live holy healthy lives in this world. There is no power in heaven or on earth that is above His, for everything He does or does not do, is in unity with the Father and Son as One God.
  As it is clearly stated in( Romans C:8 V: 26-27)26 In the same way the Spirit comes to the aid of our weakness, for we do not know how to pray as we ought, but the Spirit intercedes for us with unutterable groaning. 27 And He ( Jesus) who knows what the Spirit desires that He the (Spirit) pleas is for the holy ones according to the will of God.
         Let me make one thing perfectly clear, that there is one way of prayer, and that is from you, through the intercession of the Holy Spirit, to Jesus, to the Father, and it is returned in the same way, from the Father, through His Son, to the Holy Spirit, to you, or the ones you have asked for who are baptized in Their Name.
      I do not teach you directly from the Bible itself, or from the Old Testament of the past, which has no meaning for your salvation, but for salvation through the New Testament of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Salvation is Now in the presnt, in hope for the futher,
 and not through the past.
The Bible are supposed to be the words of God, given to mankind by the Prophets of the Father, and the Apostles of Christ, but through transcriptions have been changed in liberalized meanings of man, in there interpretations of what God truly meant. I use the Bible in reference of Gods words, and restore the true meaning of God to them, written in the manuscripts of the Prophets of the Father, and Apostle of Christ, through the interpretations of the Holy Spirit.
        St. Jerome is the one who transcribed from the original manuscripts of the Greek and Hebrew of the 2nd and 3rd century to the Latin Vulgate Bible which is the purest text of the original writings of the Apostles of Christ. St. Jerome translated word for word without any of his own input to the Douay- Rheims Bible the words, he translated to Latin Vulgate Bible of today. I use this Bible and I recommend it highly. There are no original manuscripts of the Prophets of the Father, or the Apostles of Christ, that exist today, but only transcriptions of transcription of transcriptions, that were changed or misinterpreted by mankind to suit their own needs, and to further confuse the Fathers Children.
 (1 Corth. C:5 V:9) Douay- Rheims edition
  I wrote to you in an epistle, not to keep company with fornicators.
 ( 1 Corth. C:5 V:9) New American Bible Catholic edition
  I wrote you in my letter, not to associate with immoral people
 ( Corth. C:5 V:9) New King James Protestant edition
   I wrote to you in my epistle , not to keep company with sexual immoral people
      Notice in the two later transcriptions how they took out the word fornicator and substituted immoral people? Immorality can pertain to thousand different types of sins, and I assure you that we can all be immoral in our own ways but we cannot all be fornicators. According to their interpretations we cannot keep company with each other at any time.
      However, I say to you that fornication has a meaning of it own, and that exactly what my brother St. Paul meant when he wrote it.
Webster’s collegiate dictionary    
    Consensual sexual intercourse between two persons not married to each other—compare ADULTERY
(A) Adultery- A human sexual intercourse other between a man and his wife.
(B) Sexual intercourse between a spouse and an unmarried person
(C) Sexual intercourse between unmarried people.
(D)Sexual intercourse as part of an unmarried person, accomplished with consent and not deemed adultery.
      My dearly beloved I can not make this any clearer than in mans own words, so the one of you who are in violation of Gods Law better stop it now, for the only place awaits you is damnation after death.   

     Some have asked the question?  If we are married in the Catholic Church and seperate and do not live together, is it a sin to go back to your spouse just for sexual relation and remain seperated, NO it is not for you are married in Gods Eyes until death. Sometime it is hard to live together and sometimes you need a little space.
      Let me make one thing perfectly clear "That Our Lord Jesus Christ left only one Man to represent Him, with His Complete Authority here on earth, after His Death and Resurrection, to guide His Church, and that was his Vicar, Peter and to his successors". To Peter He gave the keys to the kingdom of Heaven, and the Commandment of "Whatsoever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatsoever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven". So whether you like it or not, the Vicar of Christ, the Pope of today is the only one who can Grant you entrance into the kingdom, through the obedience of the laws of Christ Church.
      Civil marriages are not sanctioned by Our Lords Church the Catholic Church, so they are to be considered immoral. Theses are marriages through the words of man and not sanctified by God through His Priesthood. To you the children of the Father, in your civil unions are  children of fornication in Our Lords Eyes. In your state you can not receive any of the sacraments of His Church, so how can you be of His Flock? In the eyes of man's marriages divorce is acceptable, but in the marriage that God sanctifies they are indissoluble until death.
       Mixed marriages are not the ones between people of different colors, but rather are the marriages between people of different faiths, and beliefs, other than Catholicism. 

       Now listen to what I teach you. The priesthood of the Universal Christian Church who are the extension of the Apostles of Christ, in doing what Christ asked them to do, to forgive the guilt of sin, say mass, consecrate bread and wine into His Body and Blood,  but they are not the Apostle of the Holy Spirit, as

       I am not the Apostle of Jesus Christ , but The Apostle of the Holy Spirit. God the Father had His Prophets , Christ had His Apostles, and the Holy Spirit has His Apostle.
       I tell you that they know about The Holy Spirit, BUT they do not know Him. Priest are taught in the seminaries about the Word, and the Word is Christ made flesh, but I will teach you about the Spirit in the Word. 
       When you ask the priest who you should pray to ask them to help you, they will tell you pray to Jesus or the Blessed Mother and not a word about the Holy Spirit.  This is the wrong teachings for them to tell you.
        As clearly stated in Romans C:8 V:26-27 in scriptures 
8:26. likewise, the Spirit also helpeth our infirmity. For, we know not what we should   Pray for as we ought: but the Spirit Himself asketh for us with unspeakable groaning. 
8:27.And he (Jesus) that searcheth the hearts knoweth what the Spirit desireth: because he asketh for the further saints according to
        Let me make it perfectly clear again, that after Jesus  Death and His   Resurrection, He went to the Father and They sent the Holy Spirit to take Jesus place to counsel, teach, comfort, and to guide each of us who are baptized in Their Name in this world, and by invoking the Holy Spirit to ask Jesus for intercession for our brothers and sisters. You cannot even say Jesus is Lord except by the grace of the Holy Spirit. You can not be saved by Jesus without the sanctifying grace of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the key to the Holy Trinity. I shall tell you again, that the Holy Spirit is a person and has the same power as the Father, and Son, and whatever He does or does not do is in unity with Them. I warn you there will be no side stepping Him.

       The explanation of the vine as I have outlined in Their Book (The Gospel of James) that will be released later this year explains to God Children's their role in unity of the Holy Trinity.

       While Jesus was on earth He could not give you the full text of the vine so I will give it to you now. For the Holy Spirit was not yet sent to mankind until after His Death and Resurrection.
                                           Full Explaination Of The Vine
      God the Father is the vine grower, Jesus is the vine, and the Holy Spirit is the sap of holiness that flows through the vine to us, who are the branches to live holy lives here on earth. But I warn you that if the sap of holiness stops flowing to us the branches -we will dry up, fall from the vine, get pick up and thrown into the fire of purification or damnation.

      My Master, The Holy Spirit, who is the Eternal Master of all Christian Prayer, gave me three prayers to give to all of you, and they are all that is needed for salvation. While Jesus was here on earth He gave us the Our Father but that was before His Death and the sending of the Holy Spirit. These three prayers are more important than the Our Father, the Hail Mary or the Glory Be, for they were given to me by the Holy Spirit of God, Himself. The reason for there importance is you cannot talk to the Father, except through Jesus, and you cannot talk to Jesus, except through the intercession of the Holy Spirit.

       The first prayer The Good Morning Prayer that invokes the Holy Spirit to be with you throughout the day for your own needs, and in your intercessions to Jesus for the needs of your brothers and sisters, and to Jesus who intercedes to the Father for you. They are to  be said on a continuous basis without missing.

                                      Good Morning Prayer
        Good Morning Holy Spirit, thank You for being with me last night
        Thank You for coming into my heart and my soul
        With You I  am everything, Without You I am nothing
        Help me TODAY in my actions, words, and  deeds in ways 
        that are pleasing to the Most Holy Trinity, The Father, The Son, 
        and to You Holy Spirit
        I Love You     I Love You    I Love You
        Thank You      Thank You    Thank You
        The second prayer is the Prayer Of Forgiveness that is said to Jesus before closing your eye's.
         My Beloved Jesus, I take this time to ask for Your Forgiveness
         if I have sinned against The Father, You or the Holy Spirit in
         anyway, and for any sins that I may have committed against
         my brothers and sisters of my human actions, with TRUE SORROW and repentance.
                                       AMEN AMEN

         I James as the Apostle of the Holy Spirit, say to you, that whoever says these prayers and goes to Church on Sunday or the Saturdays vigil and receives absolution from the priest in the general confession and absolution that is given, will dwell in the scanctifying grace of the Holy Spirit.

        The Third Prayer is the Chaplet of Devotion to God Our Father, in thanksgiving for all that He has given us which is everything, that the devotion clearly explains. This devotion is to be said on Sunday night, with a lit candle and from your heart.
                                                     Chaplet of Devotion

     Make the sign of the cross and say 1 Our Father, 1 Hail Mary, and 1 Glory Be

    I THANK YOU FATHER, for not letting me be aborted at the time of my birth, and for breathing life into me so that I could Love, Honor and Adore You in this world of my free will forever. I say these prayers for the sins of abortion that offend You so.
                 Say 1 Glory Be and 5 Our Fathers
     I THANK YOU FATHER, for sending Your Beloved Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, to bring the New and Everlasting Covenant so that all mankind would be welcome at Your Table if only they do Your Holy Will, and for the forgiveness of our sins so that we may gain the grace of salvation.
                Say 1 Glory Be and 5 Our Fathers
     I THANK YOU FATHER, for sending through Your Son Jesus, the Holy Spirit, to fill my heart and soul to guide, comfort, and to sanctify me so that through Him I could do the will of Jesus and Your Holy Will, that I might attain eternal life with You in Heaven.
               Say 1 Glory Be and 5 Our Fathers
      I THANK YOU FATHER, for choosing the Blessed Virgin Mary to be the Mother of Your Beloved Son, and for being my heavenly mother given to me at the foot of the cross by Jesus, and to be a loving obedient child as Jesus was, and to do as she has asked, to pray for the conversion of sinners, and for peace  for her Immaculate Heart.
               Say 1 Glory Be and 5 Our Fathers
      I THANK YOU FATHER, for my Guardian Angel given to me at my birth, to be with me when I am away from You in sin, and to protect and inspire me to do the will of God, and to be my companion for life.
               Say 1 Glory Be and 5 Our Fathers

      Eternal Father, I am Your child whom You procreated to Love, Honor and Adore You in this world. I say this Chaplet of Devotion for the sins of mankind that offend You so Father, and for Your Holy Mercy for me and the whole world.


      This is just one of the blessing that my master has granted that is to prove to you that I am His Apostle. He has many more to grant for the rest of you if you learn how to ask.

                                Testimony given December 26 2003
       My name is Beth Maddox, and I am 38 years old. I am writing this testimony to let everyone know the love of God Our Father, and His Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

        I have a nine-year-old daughter and found out after her birth, that I had ovarian cancer. The doctors wanted me to have a full hysterectomy, but I was scared and told them to just take out the cancer. I then lost my right ovary and tube, and half of my left tube to cancer, but I survived.

       I was very upset when the doctors stated to me that it was medically impossible for me to have any more children. Deep in my heart, I always wanted another child, but accepted what the doctors had told me. My husband and I tried for seven years to have another child but with no results.

      Then one day, while at Mass at St. Francis De Sales Catholic Church where I sell food script to help the Church, I saw James Mossett whom I knew from St. Bridget’s. I heard about the Apostleship that he says he has with the Holy Spirit, and decided to ask him to ask the Holy Spirit if He could help me. James told me that he would ask with me but, we had to ask together. Then we asked together in prayer. He gave me a prayer to say to the Holy Spirit and told me to say it devoutly.

       I again saw James about a month later at church and could not wait to tell him that I did exactly what he told me to do and I was pregnant. He did not seem surprised and told me he would have been surprised if it did not happen. I then asked him if we could ask for a boy and he replied, of course we could. We prayed together again and he said to me "Ok, it’s a boy and will weigh 7pounds 8 ounces." I said, "How do you know that?" and he looked at me and said, "I do not know but He does referring," to the Holy Spirit Who he says talks through him.

      I again met James about three months later, and told him that I was bleeding and the doctors told me I was going to have a miscarriage and could the Holy Spirit help me. He laid hands on my stomach and asked the Holy Spirit to undo what Satan was trying to do and looked at me and said, "It is done; everything is ok ." I stopped bleeding and the doctor told me the baby was healthy. The baby was due on Dec. 25th, but I decided to have it by cesarean section on the 18th because of my prior problems with natural childbirth. Thanks to God Our Father, His Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit I was blessed with a healthy bushy haired, baby boy, weighing 7 pounds 8 ounces and since then my heart has been filled with joy which is Their Love.

       I encourage everyone who wants to know the Holy Spirit and how to ask Him for things in this life, to ask James and he will help you.

                                                                               May God bless you all

                                                                                 Beth Maddox

        Report from her present Dr. Florence Jameson M.D.

        Re Elizabeth Maddox

       To whom it may concern Elizabeth has been under medical care for many years. Prior to seeing me, she had a long history of gynecological issues and surgeries, including approximately five pelvic and abdominal surgeries. She had extensive pelvic adhesion and a history of recurrent ovarian cyst. In one of her surgeries in 1989, her right ovary was removed. She had years of infertility. In 1999, she saw an infertility doctor in September of 1999 she underwent surgery with this fertility doctor which showed massive adhesions on her left side and endometrioses. With the history of the right ocphrectomy and extensive disease and damage to her left side, it did not seem possible that Elizabeth could ever get pregnant naturally.

       In May 2002, she presented for annual check up and was found to be pregnant. Truly a Miracle!


                                                                       Sincerely, Florence Jameson


































































































































































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