Salvation through Catholic Faith

     Yes, you have to be a member of Universal Christian Church to have salvation, yes, you must be baptized, But I say to you, just being a good Catholic or being baptized does not guarantee you salvation for there are 65% of the Catholic Church in their present states cannot be saved.

     I place the guilt, of your ignorance on the Vatican II, which has brought more destruction on the Catholic Church, in the last 40 plus years, with the introduction of the new mass, destruction of the ligatures, than since the church was started by St. Peter and the apostles. The infection of the liberal  and Protestant teaching which has brought devaluation to the priesthood that exist today. The disrespect of the Holy Eucharist, and the Blood of Christ is the most abominable sin that you commit today, when you accept that it is just a symbol, but not the actual Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ, consecrated through priesthood, in unity with the Holy Spirit to the glory of God the Father. 

    We are the brothers and sisters of Jesus Christ, and like Jesus, we are human and divine at the same time. As we nourish our human bobies with the food of earth, we must also nourish our divinity with the food from heaven -the Body and Blood of Christ in the Eucharist. By not receiving the Eucharist our divinity get weak and we get prone to sin. Our divinity comes to us through the Holy Spirit who dwells in our souls.

     The shaking of hands at the sign of peace, is not church law that you do in the church today. How do you know where that hand has been before you shake it, and then you take that same hand down and offer it up as a pedestal to receive Our Lords precious Body, that dirty filthy unwashed hand. By your act of receiving Communion in the hand  which is also not a church law along with the shaking of hands should be dishonored.
     Also today, in these days of terrorism where terrorist would like to kill as many Christians as they can. By just putting a deadly virus on their hand and offering it to you, and then you offer it to another by shaking their hand, could infect the whole church before the mass was over. God Our Father gave you a brain to use, then use it. You do not need the church to make another law, just refuse to do it.         
    The priest by trying to be buddies and pals to the laity instead of teacher of Christ as they were ordained to be are forcing some of the laity to go join the so-called social club of the Protestants. The liberal priest in their actions bring disgrace to Our Lord, and are repugnant in His sight. To expect any of you to remember all of Christ laws and Commandments without being reminded occasionally is hypocritical at the least. This is why Christs priesthood should be teaching the laws of the church at every mass. Do you know that the expression of saying( God damn) is a mortal sin and if not forgiven before death will send you to hell in a heartbeat.

     I say to you, that any Priest, or Bishop that teaches his own beliefs, and not that of the True Church is not to be obeyed in that instance, but the doctrine of the true church is always to be obeyed.  Many of the ones who have left the church, that I have spoken to, tell me there is no order in the church today everyone does exactly what they want to do. This is the affects of the Protestant and liberal infections. I say to the priest who try to be performers and comedians and play to the laity for applause are hypocrites and nothing else. The Church of Our Lord is a house of prayer not a place of entertainment.

     The difference between the Catholic Church and the so-called social clubs, churches of the other faiths is, the Catholic Church has more beliefs and order, but in present time are becoming more like the Protestants by walking around during the homily, and consecration of the Eucharist. Even when Jesus taught in the synagogue's the people either sat or stood and listened. I say to you, that you cannot learn a damn thing while walking and try to listen. I also say to you, prayer while walking or driving means nothing, for I tell you what my Master has told me "that one prayer said with true concentration and meaning, mean more than a thousand mumbled.  How in the world can you walk or drive without paying attention to things around you that disturb your trane of thought.

     I say to you, that being a Catholic and being baptized is the best thing you have going for you in your state of sin, for by receiving last-rights and being truly sorry from your hearts, for the guilt of sin through the absolution by the priest and the  punishment, forgiven by Christ Himself, you are as clean as driven snow (sinless). I also remind you, that there might not be a priest around to give you last-rights, at the time of your death, and so your sin will remain along with the unforgiven punishment by Christ.
      I say to you that the best way to remain in the grace of God during the week is to say the Good Morning prayer, and night time prayer of Forgiveness, that the Holy Spirit gave to us to say daily.

     I also say to all Catholic's, that your attendance at mass on Easter and Christmas to receive Holy Communion is meaningless, for you are receiving it under mortal sin which doubles your sin. Missing mass on Sunday's is the same as missing mass on holy days of obligation which is mortal sin.
     For all who believe you are Catholic's, there is another church law: " Unless you go to reconciliation and receive Holy Communion at least once during any consecutive 12 month period, and if you do not,  you are not a Catholic so do not claim to be one.

     Also for all who claim to be Jewish Christians, Protestant Christians, could not be further from the truth. I am a Christian, and I practice the Christian Faith (The Catholic Faith) not the Jewish faith, or the Protestant faith. I say to all that there are absolutely NO CHRISTIAN'S OUTSIDE OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH, CHRIST CHURCH, for you cannot follow Our Lords Teaching and Commandment's if you are not of His Flock.
         (1 John -  2:3.
And by this we know that we have known Him, if we keep His Commandments.
  2:4.He who saith that he knoweth him and keepeth not his commandments is a liar: and the truth is not in him. 

     Most women will find what I tell them next, repulsive, but they are the repulsive women in Our Lords Eye's, for they constantly disobey Our Lords Commandment given to them by Christ Own Apostles, through Our Lords Divine Authority.
    I tell you, that you have been given the right to vote by man, for man, and not to elect or put into public or political office the woman, to have authority over the man.  
     As in (1 Tim C: 2 V: 12) V:12= that you are not to use authority over man.  Also 11:8 For the man is not of the woman: but the woman of the man
        11:9 For the
man was not created for the woman: but the woman for the man. (1 Corth: C: 11V: 8-9)

        This was first commanded by Our Heavenly Father in the garden when He gave Adam authority and dominion over Eve. (Authority) Person who has the right to command another. (Dominion) One who has supreme authority over another. These are also the teaching of Jesus Christ through His Apostles in the New Testament. These are Gods Words and if you still want to follow in the footsteps of Christ you better get used to them.







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