I have said to the publishers not to edit these writings in anyway, as they have done to the writings of the Bible of today, in confusing, misleading, God’s children. THIS IS THE WAY OUR GOD, WANTS HIS WORDS TO BE INTERPRETED AND PRINTED, AND ARE NOT TO BE CHANGED.

      I am to interpret God’s Words into mans ways, for I can assure you, that the ways of man, are not in the words of God, in the world today.
      This book will inform all of the Fathers children, who shall be SAVED, and who shall not be, SAVED, in accordance with Jesus Own Words to His Apostles, and through His Vicar. His Vicars, from the past to the present, are the only ones who have the keys to the kingdom of Heaven, and they will enforce the Words and Commandments of Jesus Christ, through the authority entrusted to them. They can grant, or deny you entrance into the kingdom, through the teachings and the salvation of Jesus Christ.

      This book is written mainly for the poor and the simple, not for the rich and the learner, for as Jesus said in the temple "I thank You Father for hiding it from the rich and learner and revealing it to the poor and the simple".

       If you want to hate me, for what is written in this book, as Our Lord Jesus says, " Tell them to hate Me, and My Father". For they are Our Commandments, you remind and warn them about, through the Holy Spirit, for you have no commandment of your own to give them!

       I am not the message, but simply the messenger.

      First, I will begin by telling you, by what authority, that I warn you of your violations of the Commandments, of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, that you are committing everyday. If you do not stop NOW, for there will be no tomorrow for most of you, then be prepared for the consequences, that you will face for your disobedience after death.

      God the Father, and the Son, did not leave me here, for the purpose, of healing the whole world. However, to tell you and teach you, of God’s, healing power through the Holy Spirit. So that all of you could ask for healing of MIND AND BODY for your own needs, and for the needs of your brothers and sister in the name of Jesus Christ through the intercession of the Holy Spirit.
      My testimony, and the testimonies of others in this book, are what man calls miracles and healing, that my master has granted me, to show you that I am His Apostle, for no human could do these acts on his own without God’s intervention.

      God Our Father has commissioned me VOCALLY, to tell you of The Holy Trinity. Moreover, through His Son Jesus, They sent in Their unity, the Holy Spirit to me to be, Their human extension, as you could hear them through my lips, and see Their Acts through my hands, in humanity. In addition, to forewarn you that Their Words are not our words, and our words are not Their Words.

          God chooses the ones of humanity that He anoints, to fulfill His work here on earth.

      I, James, am the Apostle of the Holy Spirit of God, and through His instruction and authority, have the same power and authority as Peter and Paul, the Apostles of Our Lord Jesus did. If you do not obey the words that I speak to you, in Their unity then maybe you will heed the actions that They will perform through my hands.

      God will never force His children to love Him, but to come to Him, of their own free will.

      As Peter, and Paul and the rest of Jesus Apostles through Jesus Authority, taught you of The Commandments of the Father and Son, that mankind was to obey, if they wanted to be with Them, in the kingdom.  Jesus made His Apostles, the fishers of men, to gather them onto Him. But, I James as the Apostle of the Holy Spirit, am the fisher of soul’s, that my Master can dwell in, for your sanctification and salvation through Jesus into the Arms of the Father.

      God left me, James, here to "WARN" mankind of your disobedience of God’s Laws, and of the consequences you face for the violation of them. I was not left here to bring you joy, happiness, or to pacify you, in your ignorance of them, nor your beliefs of what you think they mean. However, to clarify them through the Holy Spirit, who is the only One, who can interrupt the Holy Scriptures correctly, for He is the official guardian and infallible interpreter of the Holy Scriptures.

      The Universal Christian Church, is the True Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ, which His Apostles formed, and constituted after His death. It will be clearly explained, defined, through the Holy Scriptures in indisputable proof, which are not to be questioned by mankind, but to be believed, or rejected, according to their free will.

       Mankind will judge for themselves, their own eternal destination, by the ways they live their lives in this world. At Judgement, Our Lord will simply send you, where you have chosen to go.

      I, James, am not subject to Priest, Bishops, nor Cardinals or any of mankind, but I am to work through them when possible, for I am only subject to authority of my Master the Holy Spirit. He has asked me "What authority, could the whole world give you, that could nullify Mine"?

       I am here to teach you of the way of salvation, not to be taught by you, and to help the ones who want help. I can save no ones soul, for only Jesus can do that in your own obedience to Him.

       God Our Father is unhappy with His procreation, as is Jesus His Son, through His Crucifixion, of the many souls that are lost everyday through the works of Satan.

       As Jesus said, to His Apostles, in the garden to stay awake and watch, then came back, and found them sleeping, and said to them " The spirit is willing but the body is weak". I am here to tell you, how to ask Their Holy Spirit, to renew your spirit, so that you have the strength to fight Satan, in this world, for heavenly rewards that await you.

      This book will contain the requirements, of salvation for mankind, that you must change now, for 80% of you, do not know what you are doing, of what is sin, and what is not. However, after reading this book you will have no excuse. If you continue to dwell in ignorance of sin, I warn you, that Our Lord will not accept the actions of your disobedience, for you will have been told the difference, and have desired not to change your ways.

       I will also tell you of the end times, of which through visions revealed to me, that have already come to pass, and the ones still to come. For I tell you, they are here now. Of the storms, devastating earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, starvation, and the crystallizing coldness, and the two asteroids, that will bring closure. Your bodies will tremble and shake and the hearts will fail for many, many, of you in the state of sin, that you dwell in now. If you truly knew what was coming, you would never want to close your eyes.

       If mankind could just stop, the grave sins against God Our Father, the world could have more time. I tell you that if His children would try, call it a merciful extension on salvation; He would be a merciful loving Father. I can promise you this, as one who has talked with the Father.  The five major sins that must be stopped now. (1) Not, belonging to His Sons True Church, for if you do not return, or convert to His Church, before your death, you can not be saved, for no one can grant you forgiveness of guilt of your sins outside of His Church, except for His Priesthood.(2) Sin of abortion, (3) Fornication, (4) Violations of the Second Commandment, (5) Homosexuality and Lesbianism. You need not know now, of the others, for if you do not stop the present sins, the others will not matter.
      Finally, I will not elaborate on Creation or the Old Testament, for these are events of the past, and the past does not matter now, for you cannot be saved through the past, but only the present. However, I am to teach of the present time, and to point His Children, in the ways of salvation for the future, through Gods Own Words. Wherefore, that of your own free will, you can chose the joy of heaven or, the suffering of hell as your eternal home.

       In conclusion my hope is that what you get from this book, is not to worry about the past, for you can not be saved through the past, but only the present, in your hope for salvation for the futue.


                              Table of Contents
       1 Beginning of Creation
       2 The True Church
       3 The Vine Explained
       4 Explanation of Sin
       5 Abortion Plus ( Death Penalty)
       6 Masturbation
       7 Fornication
       8 Homosexuality Lesbianism
       9 Baptism
      10 Greatest Gift God Gave to Us.
      11 Mission of The Holy Spirit
      12 Prayer Of The Holy Spirit
      13 Page on Man
      14 Page on Women
      15 Page on Bishops and Priest
      16 Purgatory Explained
      17 Souls
      18 Catholicism
      19 Protestantism
      20 Liberalism
      21 Second Strike
      22 End Times
      23 Pre-Tribulation Papiemur (Rapture)
      24 My Testimony
      25 Others Testimonies

              This Book is not to be read and then given away or put out of sight, but to be reread every six months and keep in sight and refereed to when needed. You can not remember what it contains from memory and you fall back to your old ways.


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