On this page I will discuss some of my conversation with God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Their answers will be in red. If you have any questions, I will be happy to ask Them for you, and give you Their answers.

       Why everyone of you should get down on your knees every morning and thank God the Father that He did not create me as Adam. If that was the case none and I repeat none of you would ever had existed. I would have argued with the Father,, Why Father do you want to mess up my life with You by giving me a woman. I do not need any one but You and this paradise You created for me. Paradise oh man !! it would have been paradise to play with all the animals, eat whenever I wanted too, sleep as long as I wanted, never have to expect company, no worry about bills, no sickness. but every day just to get more addicted to Your Love. Father You are all any man ever needs.
      You probably will say how about the children, friends, and a wife to keep you company, believe me you never miss what you never had. Just like I tell you " all you will ever need is God". No He did not want an only child, but many children. I have the same love for God as He tested Abraham about when He told Abraham to sacrifice his son on the alter and then told him to stop. The Father just wanted to know if his own son meant more to him than God did. I could pass that test. Only a few of you could pass this test of all the humans on earth, because I can see in you in your daily lives. This is the love you will have when you inherit the kingdom of heaven. You will not love to do things for the other saints because they will have everything done for them by God. Your love for God will be all you want. Basque in His glory of perfection. That is pure Ecstasy believe me because I some times get a touch of it here on earth. You will never be disappointed believe me.
                                                                                                      Apostle James
     In my discussions with God, some times I get upset at the things that do not make sense to me that I feel all of you should know. Just like the Catholic Churches misstatement in the profession of faith said at mass " the Holy Spirit the giver of life" is untrue because as any idiot know life can only be given once, and I tell you that death is final. Even God the Father, Son or Holy Spirit will not bring anyone back to life here on earth because once you are clinical dead your soul leaves your body and it does not return. It instantly goes before Jesus for judgement. As it says in the profession of faith Holy Spirit giver of life, the Holy Spirit does not give man life, only God the Father does that at birth and you can only be born once. It should read giver of renewed life for that is what the Holy Spirit does at baptism and you can have your baptism renewed as many time as you want. As for all of you who say you have died and returned back to life is untrue. You have only entered the state of suspension which is the state of temporary limbo. Temporary limbo is like a coma of which you can die or live.
     As for all you Protestants and Cino Catholic who believe that we are saints in this world please explain to me how you come to this result?. When we inherit sainthood we are stored in heaven for eternity and can not be lost to damnation, yet while here on earth we can die out of the grace of God and be damned. There are no saints in hell believe me.  Just like the so called Cino Catholic explain to me how Pope John Paul II could have been a saint in this world while living and today they are trying to declare him sainthood after his death, what did he do loose his sainthood at death?.
                                                                                                          Apostle James
      Unlike the priest, bishops, pastors, Evangelist and even the holy Father himself, who can never say to you that they KNOW the Holy Spirit, or prove it to you through testing by truth devices of mankind as I can. They can say that they believe in Him, as you can say you believe Him, but unless you speak to Him vocally and He answers you back vocally, How can you really KNOW He exist? I,  do not teach you by the means of transcription of mankind as they do but directly through the words I have received from God Himself. I have stated many things to my brothers and sisters, and was surprised at what came out of my mouth of thing that I should not have known, but when I referred to the scriptures that exactly what they said. And the miracles deeds that the Holy Spirit grants through my hands for myself and for my intercessions of others.
      Once, I was like all of you, maybe worse, but I can never be that same person again. We all have Satan with us after God the Father breathes life into us, and remains with us until we are baptized in Their name, until we reach the age of reason. Yes we are born in sin through woman.
      At the moment of our baptism, our human spirit is united with Jesus Spirit, through the grace of the Holy Spirit, and make it holy. Those of you who are not baptised, do not process the Holy Spirit, or Jesus, but are considered heathens, but you still have your guardian angel, which the Father gave all of us at our beginning. Your guardian angel is very, very powerful, and can go over your free will, which the Father said He would not do.
     His duty is to stay with you when you are away from God in sin, and try to inspire you to reconcile yourselves back to Jesus, for forgiveness. Satan is the evil in us who tempts us to sin, unfortunately your guardian angel cannot go over Satan's power, to detour you from your continuance to sin. Satan is more powerful than your guardian angel, but will never be more powerful than God.

      I will be the most hated by some, and loved by others, in my teaching's. Some will even want to kill me, or stone me to death in their liberal belief's, and even by one's of my own faith. Most of mankind dwell in Satan's evilness, and will not want to change their sinful way's under his power.
      As I have told you that the liberal woman, is the most sinful creature on the face of the earth.  Eve, from the very beginning when Satan tempted her to disobey the Father, and when the Father punished her subsided, but sense the death of Jesus, has multiplied in her quest of power. In her act of abortion, fornication which she has complete power to say no to man, are grave sins against God the Father, and God the Son, and Holy Spirit. In her act to have authority and power over man is sin of grave consequences.  For man in his weakness has permitted this to happen.
     Yes I know what you are thinking now, what a male chauvinist pig this man is! But you might as well include God the Father, Jesus, Saint Paul, along with me, for as Saint Paul taught you of the Commandment's of Jesus and the Father,  and I now remind you of them.
 (Gen. C:3 V:16)
16 To the woman also he said: I will multiply thy sorrows, and thy conceptions: in sorrow shalt thou bring forth children, and thou shalt be under thy husband's power, and he shall have dominion over thee.
 Saint Paul teaches (1 Corth. C: 11 V: 8-9)
     8 For the man is not of the
woman: but the woman of the man.
     9 For the man was not created for the woman: but the woman for the man.
 In  1 Timothy C:2 V:12
12 But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to use authority over the man: but to be in silence.
I now remind you that the teaching's of Saint Paul are the teaching's of Christ Jesus, and are to be obeyed by the Father's children as such.
      If you have read my testimony, and as one who has talked with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, I do not fell sorry for any of you but pity for 80 percent of the Father's creation, for in your present state  you cannot inherit the kingdom of heaven, in your disobedience of what He asked of you, and for your squandering of His blessing in spite of it. But I do have hope, as about one third of you who have read Their website have marked it as your favorite, and through the grace of the Holy Spirit's inspiration, understand that I am just Their messenger to mankind, in the Holy Spirit's counsel.
                                      May the Holy Spirit bless and inspire you
                                              James His Apostle


     I do apologize for the lateness of this message from God but I have not finished with our conversation of what I must tell you in human words. This message will be completed by 5 May for I do not want to teach any untruths for the last days.
                                                                                                     Apostle James
         It is getting late in the day for so many of you, so what I tell you is the way that it was, is now, and shall be for your salvation. Obey what you are taught and you shall be saved, disobey what I teach you and it would be impossible for you to be saved. You would have a better chance to leap from the Earth to the Moon in one jump then your chances to be saved There will be a few ways that I express God, when I say God I am referring to the Holy Trinity Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit and when I express each person of the Trinity I will use their name Father, Son or Holy Spirit.
         As Jesus has stated for those of you who love me you will follow my commandments and who loves me My Father will love them. Personally I can tell you that none of you follow His Commandments for that would be impossible because of Satan's influence on the world. So the first thing to do is to admit you do not follow His Commandments and I will introduce you to the one who can help you the Holy Spirit. I will not teach you from the Bible which is the book of books but I will teach you from the New Testament the everlasting covenant that is Jesus Christ your salvation. Nothing matters but the New Testament for you cannot be saved by the Old Testament or any of the other so-called books of the bible. Even the Father could not save anyone in the Old Testament so the holy souls were sent to limbo, and the unholy ones who had sin on their souls were sent to hell along with the just souls. In the beginning there was only limbo and hell that were open. There was no Heaven or Purgatory to send them to but the ones in holy confinement limbo had to wait until Jesus death on the cross to open the gates of heaven and for Jesus to establish Purgatory for the just souls. The ones in limbo ascended through the gates of heaven to be there for eternity and on his second day of his crucifixion he descended into hell so all that were there could see Him, he then selected the just souls who had been sent there by the Father to be put in Purgatory and sentence them to a time of punishment. Purgatory is just like hell and the punishment there is a factually that same but anyone in Purgatory after their punishment is paid for can only be sent to heaven.
        What I want you to be aware of is the justice that Jesus will distribute I know that most of you have only been taught about his love and mercy, but not his justice so you do not fear is justice, but I do guarantee you that his justice will be swift and final, and that he will send you into damnation in a blink of a eye for he has already done it to billions and billions of the Fathers children. So do not think for a moment that he will not do it to you. Most of you today do not live in God's grace in the world today,but only exist and if creation ended today that there would be 90% of the world's population sent into damnation. Ya I know you would probably say that you are in the 10% what a fantasy world you live in, for I know better than that. Now if you had the same lifestyle as Sr. Teresa you might have a point. Even many priests and bishops can not escape Jesus justice.
      In the last 20 years since the Holy Spirit has been with me I have seen millions and millions of people, and I would not bear testimony that 1000 of them were in the grace of God. I asked the Holy Spirit one day to let me smell the sin upon my brothers and sisters and to see the sin in them through their eyes and I wish I would never have asked Him for that. The one that cause you the most pain is the fornicators for their bodies smell like burnt flesh and takes take care of about 70% of mankind. Now I say that the 70% of mankind would be more like about 85%. Just imagine your self walking through an area that just had been hit by an asteroid and all the burning bodies the smell is atrocious.
    I shall add a little every other day so that you can absorb what I am trying to teach you                      Apostle James
        Listen now to what God would say to you" our words are not your words, and your words are not our words" so stop trying to interpret Gods words into your own human meanings, because your meanings are misleading the children of the Father. In this lesson I will interpret their words so that there is no misunderstanding because I have the authority of the Holy Spirit to tell you.
      (Matt C16 v18-19)   18] And I say to thee: That thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. [19] And I will give to thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven. And whatsoever thou shalt bind upon earth, it shall be bound also in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose upon earth, it shall be loosed also in heaven
    Now notice the words" I will build my church --not churches". The church that the apostles started was called Christ Church and all who attended were called Christians and it became known as the Universal Christian Church and the word universal was added so that all of any other faith could convert to our Lord's Church. And to Peter Jesus gave the keys to the kingdom of heaven with the authority that whoever followed Christ Commandments and those of the Fathercould be saved. By giving Peter the keys to the kingdom of heaven Peter had the authority to enforce the doctrine of Christ Church and to add or subtract from it.
     Now if there is anything that you do not understand about what I've just written ask your question now. There is one thing I want to make perfectly clear that you understand what I say for if you do not you will be lost and that is not my intention. I am only the messenger and not the message, you may ask your questions by e-mailed or phone service. My e-mail address is apostlehsog@cox.net or my phone number is 702-889-2072. If you would like me to answer you in a phone call just e-mail your phone number and time you want to be called and I will return your call for I have free phone service all over the world. Any e-mail addresses or phone numbers will be between me and you only.
    There are no perfect people in this world from the Pope on down, but only the infant's who after being born are baptized until they reached the age of reason and the mentally challenged. As Christ once said to us try to be perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect did you notice the word try because there could be no perfect person of his own human thinking. On the next lesson I will explain the interpretation of what is and what shall be.
                                                                                                              Apostle James

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