This first lesson will be on the meaning of word, GOD. 

     A supreme divine person perfect in wisdom and power,  head of the Holy Trinity. God the Father. Jesus God the Son is the body of the Holy Trinity, and God the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of the Father and Son and is the Spirit of the Trinity. The Father is a Person, Jesus is a Person, and the Holy Spirit is a Person. I know this because I have spoken to each of Them vocally, and have been answered  back by Them vocally. I know They all exist. I do not believe They exist because belief is hoping, but to know is an indisputable fact. They are Three Persons in One God. Jesus is in the Father and the Father is in Jesus, the Father is in the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit is in the Father, the Holy Spirit is in Jesus and Jesus is in the Holy Spirit. As Jesus said to us I and the Father are One and the same while He was here and He could not include the Holy Spirit, because the Father and Son had not sent Him yet..

    When you say God help me you are asking all Three, and you do not have to do that. Ask Them separately. When you are asking for your own needs is all you have to do is ask the Holy Spirit, that is why The Father and Jesus sent Him to us. When you ask for your brothers and sisters you ask Jesus and the Holy Spirit will ask with you. (Romans C8 V 26-27).

                                                                       Apostle James



      Now unless you accept that all three person are God, there is no reason for you to read on, because there is NO way that you will ever be granted entrance into the kingdom of heaven.

       The word God is ( united all in one ) Three Persons in One God.  As is the word family , you might have five persons that form one family but  you can not say that four of those persons are family,  and exclude one and still say you are a family of five. Therefore you can not say that the Father is God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit are not. Now if God the Father always was and always will be, then His Spirit must have been too. Now as Jesus told us that the Father and I are One and the same and in unity with the Holy Spirit form One God, inseparable from each Other.

       Now wait and don't get ahead of yourself, by saying-- we got you now-- by saying wasn't Joseph and Mary human procreation, and if Jesus was God how could they be one family?  Jesus was human and divine at the same time while on earth, and in His humanity was the son of Joseph and Mary, but in His Divinity was God the Son in the Holy Trinity. 

       It is just like the word LORD when referring to God all Three are lord.  The Father is Lord, Jesus is Lord and the Holy Spirit is Lord. Lord is a word used for the tittle over someone or something.

                                                                                                       Apostle James 


      Now the third thing I wish to teach you is that all of us will not enter heaven only a very few will. Jesus made this quite clear before He went to the Father. Forget about the ones of the past because if they are in Heaven they do not know you, and if you go to Heaven you will not know them no memories of this world will enter heaven. As Jesus told us that no material things of this world will enter heaven , memories are in the mind and heart of humans and they are procreated in the body of the dust of this world. Only the soul which is created in divinity will enter heaven because it is spiritual.  [13] Enter ye in at the narrow gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way that leadeth to destruction, and many there are who go in thereat. [14] How narrow is the gate, and strait is the way that leadeth to life: and few there are that find it!  (Matt. 7 13-14) Destruction is hell He is referring to and life is eternal life in heaven. 

    I can only do what God lets me do and that is to warn all of you. God the Father only want you to come to Him if it is of your own free will. If He showed you what was waiting for you in hell you would come to Him out of fear of going there and not because you loved Him. You ask anyone the question ( do you want to go to heaven and they will tell you of course I do , but they can not stand to spend  a hour a week at His house here on earth.

                                                                   Apostle James 


     The forth lesson ::  The Mormons and Muslim who have clearly said in their beliefs that Jesus was a sinner while He was on earth is an abomination to God and will not be tolerated for salvation. In their belief they say drinking is a sin and did not Jesus say to His Apostles " I will not drink of the fruit of the vine until I drink it with you in the kingdom of heaven? Now we know that at the moment of death  we loose our free will so the ones they baptise after death have no free Will to accept or reject it. The Mormons and Muslims are two of many that are classified as Heathen because they have never belonged to Christ true Church, and is a minor sin but is still a sin. NO sin be it minor or mortal will allow you entrance into the kingdom of heaven.

      Now for the Protestants from the original word protester separated from the Universal Christian Church, Christ True Church formed by Jesus Apostles and sanctified by the Holy Spirit. These followers of Martin Luther will end up in the same place where Martin Luther is HELL. There will be no other place Christ can send them because of their hieratic belief. This is because they will have unforgiven guilt of sin on their souls after death and cannot be forgive after death,  the punishment for them. Sin has two parts Guilt and Punishment. As you should know Jesus said to His Apostles " What sins you forgive they will be forgiven and what sins you retain they shall be retained" this basic scripture. The priesthood of His Church have His authority to forgive the guilt but not the punishment for only Jesus can know if you are truly sorry for them. 

                                                                                                  Apostle James 





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